Monday, February 10, 2014

New Karterisms

Me: Karter please stop growing up.  It makes me so sad.
Karter: Well Mommy you could always die and then you won't have to see me grow up.
Me: Touche' Karter, you grow up all you want.

Karter: Mommy you are the prettiest mommy and you're Neva stinky.

Brandon: Karter do you want cheese its?
Karter: Do you even know me?

Aunt Bridgey: Karter who is your girlfriend?
Karter: Mommy!  She's my everything.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Latest Karterisms:

While laying in bed one morning Karter says "Guys somefing tinks in hera, I fink it's dada because dada and da trash go togeda"

"Hey Mama I think we need to bust out a song in here"

His Full name is now: Karter Jaron Hayes at Academy play golf balls superhero cape arrrr matey go to church go to school hear the rumble Mommy is nice Daddy is lazy and I love mommy and daddy so so much and thank you for my big baseball bat and my new glove and blue wahoos.

Mommy your my best friend and I'm gonna marry you.

We went to watch Brandon play basketball and one of the guys was wearing a thunder t-shirt Karter said "Mommy my Daddy is playing the thunder and everyone is watching them on their tv's"

While going over the states: We get to New Jersey and Karter says My daddy wears a jersey.

Is today tomorrow?  Is tomorrow today?  When is going to be tomorrow?


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Summer....It went by in a flash

Summer went by in such a flash so I think a semi quick recap in pictures will be faster than post after post explaining all the fun we had during our break.
 Karter finished Sonshine School with a sweet little program where they sang "Read your bible and pray everyday" and "If you're happy and you know it"  Karter was a big ham while on stage.  He loved being in the spot light.
 B and KJ went to a baseball game
 Numerous trips to the skate park
 I ran my first 5k.  The Dirty 30
 Visited many splash pads
 KJ and Daddy painted me a mug for Mothers Day
Went to the lake

 Finished the Dirty 30
 Drove the boat
 Ate birthday donuts
 Celebrated Fathers day
 Enjoyed time with family
 Had watergun fights
 Rode first roller coaster

 Went to build a bear for pooping in the potty
 Went to a mommy/son pirate swim party
 Went to the lake for the 4th of July
 Stayed up way pasted bedtimes for fireworks

 Went to first swim lessons
 Watched the summer olympics and had an olympic picnic
 more swim lessons
 Made my first pinterest project
 Made bathtub paint
 went on a girls trip to the lake, came back with a souvenir to prove a good time was had
 played with dart guns
 discovered the greatest park ever
 went to see my favorite band EVER!
 more dart gun games
 ate with chopsticks
 visited a new children's museum
 climbed a rock wall
Had first t-ball practice
 more museums
 had first t-ball game
 had last t-ball game
 made treats with sticker grandma while mommy and daddy went on a date

 a the biggest corndog at the fair
 did face painting at daddy's regatta
 mommy and daddy celebrated 7 years of marriage
went to the zoo to feed the birds
Summer 2012 was so much fun.
Sorry pictures are out of order.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Karter turns 3

  My sweet boy, you turned 3 years old (6 months ago).  You are such a sweet boy.  You tell me over and over, how much you love me.  Bless you for your sweet tender heart.  You know how to work one over on me just by saying those 3 words.  You light up my life, little one, you test me and push the boundaries but I love it.  I love that you are so compassionate, funny, witty, smart and that you memorize every little detail, always.  Our life would be so boring without you.  I love the little boy you are and can't wait to see who you will become.  You are my biggest blessing and I thank God that He chose me to be your mama.  I love you, Love bug!
Sweet Boy

I attempted to make a pirate ship birthday cake.  He was satisfied.  

Ye Grub Station

Karter's BFF's: Luke and Leta
Seriously, aren't they precious in the costumes?

Photo Bomb

Karter wanted a pinata but he let it be know he Did Not Want To Hit the PiƱata.

Pirate Bean Bag Toss